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Morbihan, Brittany


Lynda Cookson came from a family of artists and began her career as an artist in 1994 whilst living in Cape Town, South Africa. Her business Paperways was centred around handmade paper and collage until 1999 when she was able to devote her time to painting. She began as a watercolourist but swiftly moved on to painting the wildlife of Southern Africa using acrylic on canvas.

In 2001 Lynda moved to Ireland and settled in Connemara, Co Galway. It took a couple of years before she felt she had begun to absorb and take on some of her new environment and in that time she began to experiment with oil paints. Oils and palette knives have been her medium and tools of choice since that time.

In December 2014 she and her husband moved from Ireland to Brittany in France where she continues to paint and teach in a stunning 17th Century farm house. (Check her blog for art class and workshop information)

Her painting style developed from her fascination with texture, colour and movement and her paintings continue to express a strong sense of energy and vitality. She aims for a feeling of excitement and inner recognition from her viewers. Abstract and impressionism are her passion.

She is a creative painter, using subjective inspiration as merely a starting point for the painting to develop, and generally choosing to use pure, unmixed colour, letting it work its magic by sitting side by side with, or on top of, another colour. Abstract is her passion and is a strong influence in all the work she undertakes.

Constant study of the work of acclaimed artists, plus experimentation with different influences, mediums, tools and techniques has kept her work fresh and growing.

In October 2013 Lynda became a Founding Member, together with three of her former students, of the group Bold Strokes. They plan to exhibit at least four times a year and their first project is entitled "For the First Time". Bold Strokes have a FaceBook page at

Lynda runs monthly workshops in and around her studio (The Painter’s Palette) in the Lantillac area of Morbihan in Brittany, France, taking students out into the countryside with the help of her trusty motorhome Milly. Further information for these workshops can be found at:

More information about this artist can be found on her personal website at or on The Painter's Palette website at

As an Art Facilitator running classes and workshops for folk wanting to progress with their creative endeavours, Lynda often has reasonably priced paintings and prints for sale on her online eBay auction shop accessible here:

If all auctions are temporarily unavailable on the site above, artwork can be viewed on:

In a nutshell these are the web addresses for more information on Lynda Cookson and her work: (which brings you back to this site) (for "The Egg Called Aspirations" video)

Occasionally Lynda participates in installation or sculptural artwork:
In about 2003 she submitted a piece to an exhibition in a Berlin station which she called "The Berlin Knot"
In 2010 she created two paper and plaster-of-paris sculptures called "Frederick" and "The Floral Information Provider"
In 2013 she painted a large egg which she called "The Egg Called Aspirations" for the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation - the creation of this egg can be seen here:
Also in 2013 she created "Wildly Oscar" a 27 kg cake of a bust of Oscar Wilde for the 2013 Culture Night in Dublin. (See "News" by clicking the button on the menu above)


Desert Prince by Lynda Cookson


Chubs by Lynda Cookson


Happiness by Lynda Cookson


Alone At Last by Lynda Cookson


Giraffe by Lynda Cookson


Climbing Mouse by Lynda Cookson


Arthur by Lynda Cookson


Grace by Lynda Cookson


Valentine by Lynda Cookson


The Scent of Rose by Lynda Cookson


Teapot of Hydrangeas by Lynda Cookson


Sunflowers and Sunshine by Lynda Cookson


On the Lace Cloth by Lynda Cookson


Orange Teapot of Flowers by Lynda Cookson


Loving Summer by Lynda Cookson


Hydgrangeas by Lynda Cookson


Chester by Lynda Cookson


King of the Coop by Lynda Cookson


Now and Zen by Lynda Cookson


Butter by Lynda Cookson


Spiked Flowers by Lynda Cookson


Shaking Off the Dew by Lynda Cookson


Rosebud by Lynda Cookson


Red Rose Bud by Lynda Cookson


Pink Rose in a Puddle by Lynda Cookson


Pink and Yellow Tulips by Lynda Cookson


Hydrangeas by Lynda Cookson


Full Blown Summer by Lynda Cookson


Big White Flowers by Lynda Cookson


Cheeky Daisies by Lynda Cookson


Be My Valentine by Lynda Cookson


A Deep Message by Lynda Cookson


Polly by Lynda Cookson


Ladies That Lunch by Lynda Cookson


It's a Colourful Life by Lynda Cookson


Pheasant by Lynda Cookson


Bleu by Lynda Cookson


Miss Broody by Lynda Cookson


Damara Dik Dik by Lynda Cookson


Rose Melody by Lynda Cookson


Daily Baguette by Lynda Cookson


Chilly Spring Walk by Lynda Cookson


April Showers by Lynda Cookson


Hector by Lynda Cookson


Coffee. Now. by Lynda Cookson


Chester - cropped by Lynda Cookson


Baby Owl by Lynda Cookson


Detail of Shorn Alpaca. Where's My Fleece? by Lynda Cookson